I was browsing through the Adobe forums and saw this post, asking for assistance:

“sir , my name is sidharth, am a animation and graphics designing student, i am an indian. my problem is that we have started working on illustrator CS2,we switched to CS2 from CS, thus fortunately i Have both the CDs. which are pirated copies obtained at just aruond $1.00 (compared to ur currency),the problem is when i installed CS2 and uninstalled illustrator CS, it was working properly but i was not able to save files, i could only save them by installing illustrator CS,that is now i have both CS and CS2 in my PC. its only now i can save the files, not when i have only CS2 on my PC. can u get back to me at fruitloop@gmail.com (email address changed to protect the silly soul) with a solution to my problem?????????? “

What can I say…Beyond duh.