I’ve experienced life coaching, first as a coachee, and now as an apprentice coach with Executive Coach International.

My friends at ECI recently took on a 24-hour challenge to write and produce a book called Pick Me Up. We succeeded at this task and extended it into a new challenge which was to sell 10,000 copies in 72 hours. At the end of the 72 hours, we sold over 2000 copies.

We’re still sticking to our promise of 10,000 copies and we’d like you to help us hit our target by 2 Feb 2008. 60% of the nett proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity that aims to raise funds to fulfill the wishes of terminally-ill children in Singapore. The other 40% will go into covering costs and the remaining will go into the planning and setup of a social enterprise founded by ECI. All in all, it’s for charity – none of us will benefit financially from this. We’re doing it with the passion of making a change and making miracles.

Pick Me Up is a book about life stories, about successes and the celebrations of life facilitated by coaching. There are stories about how someone overcame his stuttering, how an abandoned child came to forgive her parents, how a man had a car accident and lost his sense of smell for 9 years but regained it through coaching. These stories are about you and I, about everyday life, about how the man on the street achieves his dreams and lives the life that he really calls his own. The intention of the book is for people to be inspired by the possibilities of what they can achieve, no matter the circumstances. All it takes is just some coaching to get that clarity and courage to forward your life in the way that you want.

Be inspired by the stories and learn more about how coaching can impact your life positively, leading you to create the results you’ve always wanted. BUY THE BOOK!

PS: My story is in there too 🙂