I’ve read about it in other designers’ blogs and articles, where they lament about their work being stolen, copied and worse, bastardised into a half-assed looking piece of work.

So I guess I’m considered lucky when all I’ve got copied from me is a X’mas promotion (the graphics and copy which I painstakingly thought of, were duplicated at 80%), and some paragraph-lifting from my post, ‘5 reasons not to hire us’.

But wait a minute, it’s not okay. I have the foresight to know that if I allow this nincompoop to continue lifting things from me, it means the following:

  • Hey, it’s okay to take my stuff. Take more! Take all of it!
  • If my clients and prospects happen to stumble upon his site, they may think that I’M the one doing the pinching

You know who you are. You are being watched. Do not mess with me.