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Bionic Creative | Design Studio in Singapore | Logo Design, Namecard Design, Graphic Design, Web Design

Bionic Creative is a Singapore-based graphic design studio that caters to startups and SMEs.


Formed in 2005 by Vicki Lew (affectionately known as the Bionic Woman), Bionic Creative is a freelance graphic and web design service based in tropical Singapore.

Our Aim Is Simple

We want every business, big and small, to enjoy the benefits of good design for logos, namecards, brochures, flyers and websites. We want to rescue startups, SMEs and MNCs of all industries and verticals from homemade Microsoft Word logos and hodgepodge marketing collaterals.

We love creating designs from scratch, and engaging our clients (yes, it takes two to tango!) in the design process so that they’ve had a hand in the final product and they’re proud to showcase the collaborative effort.

Our Business Model
Part of our business model is that we run as a virtual agency, partnering with the right experts at the right time, for the right project. This model allows us to hire and manage reliable independent consultants, partners and contractors who have the exact skills to match the project scope. We give agency expertise without the agency price tag.

Our clients get personal and dedicated service, and the job gets done perfectly and skillfully. To date, we have serviced organisations of different industries and sizes from Singapore, Australia, Ireland and the U.S.A.

About Vicki Lew
While studying in film school, Vicki Lew discovered the creative world of graphic design and fell in love with it. Driven by her passion for design, Vicki taught herself the skills required and began her design career as a freelancer. In 2000, she flew to Australia to attend the prestigious National School of Design in Melbourne, and graduated with a BA in Multimedia Design.

Vicki has experienced the roles of design team leader, project manager, field video camera operator, online magazine photojournalist, copywriter and webmaster in her previous employments, but finds being a design consultant the most fulfilling and interesting of all.

Armed with her experience of more than 9 years in design, Vicki left her full-time job as a corporate design team leader to start Bionic Creative in 2005. Her experience has enabled her to be an all-rounder; she is proficient in client interaction and servicing, project management and development.

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